The Big 7


The Seven Questions Everyone Must Answer Before Developing Their Brand

Aside from directives from above, market opportunities, and customer acquisition strategies, what is the big idea behind your work? If the work ended tomorrow, what would your legacy be?
You probably have multiple. AirBNB, for example, has two: hosts and guests. Each interact with AirBNB for different (but related) reasons.
What do they like? What keeps them coming back? These can be warm fuzzy feelings or just outstanding features.
This can be a tough one to confront, but what about your organization is a constant source of friction or disappointment for them?
If you've interviewed people about their experience with your organization, put that info here. If not, guess, and work to confirm these guesses in future conversations.
Who does what you do? Who does something complementary that you partner (or would like to partner) with?
When the work is done, what is created? How is it measured? AirBNB creates a stay, Uber creates arrival—what do you create?
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