HX jobs are different from the typical agency or firm. We're inspired by the Valve Employee Handbook, and connect with talent according to progressive work values.



You'll work on a per-project basis; you'll join a discrete team of people who've been assembled for a specific project with a single client. We typically have a handful of such projects in progress at any given time.


Your presence on the project is inspired by your personal connection to the material—if it's a project about music and you're a musician, it's a match. If you're not sure what you'd connect with, we can help.


You'll opt in to your tasks. This means that you'll observe the project at its outset, and work with myself and my team to select the tasks you can avail yourself of.


The work is results-oriented, meaning you won't be monitored as you work (aside form any assistance or support you solicit). We won't always be working in the same location, though we will meet as often as is required.

Why do we structure work this way? Being able to connect with work in a self-directed way is, we believe, the most important skill in today's market. You won't have to ace all this stuff right away, but you've got to be willing to try. We're a naturally supportive bunch.



"Ben is a wise teacher, colleague, and friend. He leaves no stone unturned and won't hesitate to ask why and then ask why again. His lessons helped form the foundation of my design thinking and continue to return value as I lead my own team today."

Geoff House
Design Director

"Ben wants us to question why we do what we do and how can we push ourselves further. He's thoughtful in his approach to his own work and constantly pushes past his own boundaries. He is a constant inspiration and a joy to work with."

Erin Sanders
MFA Candidate
Boston University College of Fine Arts

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